Europe’s manufacturer of custom-made ventilation systems and high-efficiency fan coil equipment

Customised Fan Deck

Fan Deck Systems was founded with the intention of bringing new ideas to the field of air-conditioning. Ideas that improve efficiency. Ideas that bring innovation. Ideas that contribute to sustainability.

As a company belonging to the Synergy group, we are specialists in the customised manufacture of ventilation systems to replace fan coils.

Hotels, hospitals and office buildings employ large numbers of these systems, which, at some point in their life, will require quality spare parts to function properly. One of the problems facing the maintenance services of these facilities is that of sourcing original spare parts that meet the needs of each unit.

Our company provides a comprehensive solution, manufacturing fully-balanced fan coil units to order to provide optimum operation without noise or vibrations, both of which are responsible for the majority of complaints in such establishments.

High Efficiency

The new challenge facing us is that of converting old fan coils into highly-efficient units.

With the same aim of adapting to pre-installed units, we can now incorporate new electronic switching motors that enable reductions of up to 70% in the direct power consumption of the fan.

In the private sector, hotels and hospitals can improve their facilities, reducing energy costs and increasing the energy rating of their buildings.

We are convinced that, thanks to the regulatory possibilities offered, this new technology adds value to the air-conditioning of establishments, as an optimum level of comfort is achieved. The premise is very simple: “It must not be heard, it must not be noticed”.