October 1 , 2015 / News /

Fan Deck Systems, Climaval 2015 sponsor

As new members of AVAESEN (Valencian Association of Energy Sector Companies), Fan Deck Systems has participated as sponsor and speaker in the III International Congress of Integral Energy Management: Hotel Sector.

August 7 , 2015 / News /

Sustainable hotels, the new trend in the tourism sector

More and more hotels are betting on energy efficiency in their business plans, which means not only a significant saving, but also a great benefit for the environment. And customers value it when deciding where to stay.

Según los datos obtenidos del estudio “The cocktail analysis” sobre turismo y eficiencia

July 18 , 2015 / News /

Leasing and renting: financing energy savings in hotels

Today we recover this interview made some time ago, but we consider it very interesting for the hotel sector that seeks energy efficiency of its business, and for it needs funding.

The interviewee is José María Martín Rigueiro, Director of Sabadell Negocio Turístico.