Customised Fan Deck ventilation systems adapted to your fan coils

Advantages of a customised Fan Deck system

As far as we are concerned, the supply of individual motors or turbines is not an option, as we consider it impossible to obtain a satisfactory result using this method and, therefore, we would be unable to guarantee the motors supplied in a custom Fan Deck system.

This type of unit requires that after handling the fan assembly (motor and turbines) is well balanced (a process to which we subject 100% of our production prior to its shipping from our factory). If this operation is not performed, the unit will once again begin to produce vibrations and noise and the motor’s service life will be shortened significantly.

The first option we offer is the exact reproduction of the original system, by replacing the original motors and turbines with the most modern versions that we have available.

In this process, the most important consideration is the exact reproduction of the original tray, so that once the unit has been manufactured, its installation is simple and the unit can be fitted perfectly into the dismantled fan coil.

The motors and turbines are chosen so that the original performance, in terms of flow and pressure, as well as the response to different speeds, is respected.

The difference is that, with the new materials we now offer, significant reductions will be obtained in energy consumption and noise emissions.


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  • Ensures spare parts regardless of the origin of the original equipment.
  • Facilitates maintenance work and lowers costs.
  • Maximises the original investment in the original installation, as it is not necessary to replace the entire fan coil housing.
  • Year-round service with a minimum stock of components.
  • Consistent quality standard throughout the installation.
  • Increased comfort thanks to reduction in noise level.
  • Total absence of vibrations and harmonics.
  • Reduction in energy consumption and an increase in energy efficiency.

This is how we do it

1. Collection of a physical sample

Using the original tray, we create a precision design that will serve to produce future units. Using our extensive database, we analyse the characteristics of the original equipment and select the most suitable components to maintain the aerodynamic conditions.

2. Creation of a prototype

Within 10 working days we are able to deliver a completely balanced sample to be tested on-site by the technicians responsible for the project.

3. Manufacture of the initial units

We do not apply minimum-order requirements: The client is always responsible for marking the rhythm of each project in accordance with their requirements and investment priorities.

Instructions for data collection

To receive a quote for a made to measure Fan Deck unit, we need some basic information. Here we have an outline of what we consider essential.

The easiest and most practical way is to use your mobile phone to take a series of photos and mark on the corresponding measurements.

The most important thing for us is the label on the motor. There can also be other labels corresponding to the manufacturer on the unit, which will help us identify the make and model.

Instrucciones toma de datos