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New Electronic Fan Deck

New environmental demands, coupled with a greater social awareness, have led to a firm commitment to energy efficiency within different sectors and organizations.

There is an increasing tendency to establish measures that favour lower consumption, such as the European ErP (Energy-related Products) regulation, which determines the minimum level of efficiency that a fan must reach in order to be eligible for authorization.

In conjunction with our partner Elco E-Trade, one of the largest European manufacturers of this type of motor, we have undertaken extensive R&D work and achieved highly significant energy saving results.

Our commitment is to improve the products and services we offer, and this new technology will convert your old fan coils into new, high-efficiency equipment.

Electronic Fan Deck, with its electronic switching motors, reduces electricity consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional condenser motors. When used in combination with a thermostatic drive, which automatically decreases the fan speed, we can achieve environmental quality levels hitherto unknown in this type of installation.

Monitoring an installation

We offer our clients the possibility of monitoring their installation in real-time with the aim of optimizing their electricity consumption. Without the need to carry out building work or make a large investment, our clients can compare two units: a conventional one and a high-efficiency one.

Via our platform, you will be able to consult daily energy savings and those obtained in the last 24 hours in real-time, which in turn will allow you to access information indispensable for decision-making.

The hotel sector is dedicated to providing sustainability and comfort in its establishments and it is our aim to work together with our clients in the sector to do this as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our first experience

Monitorización a tiempo real Fan Deck Project Barcelona Princess

The Hotel Barcelona Princess is one of Barcelona’s most modern top class hotels. Its air-conditioning installations are of a very high quality and subject to strict maintenance.

Nevertheless, after a decade of uninterrupted operation, the fan coil fans installed in the rooms began to show the classic signs that accompany the end of their service life: noise and vibrations that directly affect the quality of the installation and the comfort of the clients of an establishment of this standing.

In view of this, the Technical Manager proposed the possibility of replacing the traditional ventilation units with others equipped with electronic switching motors.

Once the proposal had been approved by the hotel management, it was agreed to conduct a test, in real time, in two identical rooms with the same orientation.

In one of them, room 1205, the original equipment, fitted with a traditional condenser motor, was maintained. In the other room, number 1203, we installed a high-efficiency ventilation unit, equipped with an ECM electronic motor and a proportional thermostat.

A reading was taken every 15 minutes, indicating first the date and time of the last measurement recorded and the outdoor temperature, essential for the analysis of the air-conditioning unit’s behaviour. The data resulting from the monitoring are the temperature of the room and the power input, as well as the records of power input (minimum and maximum) during the last 24 hours.

Average daily consumption during the period


Consumo medio diario en el periodo de un sistema Fan Deck electrónico

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