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February 6 , 2018 / News /

Fandeck opens its new facilities

Fan Deck Systems began its journey in Montserrat in 2013. Over time, and once we had become established, we wanted to take a step further towards our goal and began to look for a new location and the right place to settle permanently and move the Fan Deck facilities to.  Once we had visited all the industrial estates near Valencia, we found the ideal spot. Picanya is a quiet and friendly town and only 5 minutes from the city.   

From the first moment we knew that the new Fan Deck facilities had to be a reflection of our day to day work, and for that reason, we designed it as a working showcase of the products we manufacture.

We have the latest production lines and balancing machines and can manufacture up to 300 ventilation units a day. In addition, all the equipment is assembled, tested and balanced by professionals who know their job inside out and are committed to each and every one of the units that come off our lines.

For these reasons, we would like you to come and see our new Fan Deck facilities, as we know they will surprise you, particularly our new avant-garde proposals in the new field of aerothermal end units.