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July 18 , 2015 / News /

Leasing and renting: financing energy savings in hotels

Today we would like to show you an interview given by José María Martín Rigueiro, Director of Sabadell Business Tourism from some time ago. This division offers a specialized service to the tourism industry to meet the financial needs of those involved.

An interview that deals with a subject we consider very interesting for the hotel sector which is looking to increase the energy efficiency of its business and to do this, it needs financing.

One of the proposals that is cited and that most attracts our attention is the so-called technological renting, which allows hotels to invest in energy efficiency projects using a different approach from usual. Thinking in terms of use and replacement by renting and leasing are very good options.

Transferring this tool to our own business, where we specialize in manufacturing customized ventilation units for the replacement of fan coils equipped with high efficiency electronic motors, joint operations with the hotel client can be proposed in which, the installment together with the new consumption, costs less than the previous energy cost.

For further information, you can read the whole interview (page 23)