Fan DeckNewsThe Porto Holiday Inn opts for electronic Fan Deck
April 27 , 2017 / News /

The Porto Holiday Inn opts for electronic Fan Deck

The Holiday Inn Porto, which belongs to the IHG chain, together with the Portuguese Linha Total group, specialists in the distribution of HVACR, has decided to renew its air-conditioning installation in one of its most emblematic hotels in the Portuguese city.

After a year of testing in several rooms and after looking at other alternatives, it has opted to substitute the ventilator units in the rooms with ones with electronic motors which consume up to 70% less than traditional condenser fan motors, thereby decreasing the electrical consumption of the ventilator and contributing to a reduction in the energy costs of the building, as a result.

If energy saving was an important part of the decision making process,  imagine the customer satisfaction of having air conditioning that you don’t even notice, thanks to its proportional control and the guaranteed absence of noise and vibrations.

So without the need to carry out a lot of building work and on a small budget,  the complete installation of its 450 rooms has been modernised with the made to measure units from Fan Deck Systems.