Electronic wall fan coil. The full range in 5 models.

Ultra Thin Fan Coil

So far we have talked about systems, which are hidden from the user.

Now we have a range to be seen and admired for its pure design lines, which fit with any type of decor and provide an ultra modern touch to wherever they are located.

At a depth of only 130 mm, it is made from the best materials on the market, has an incredibly fine finish and the precision design takes air conditioning to the highest level possible.

Connected to a heat pump, it will provide heat or cold highly efficiency, playing a part in making aerothermal energy the most sustainable and fastest A/C option currently on the market.

The system can be controlled in many ways such as via a touch screen, by remote control, via another home automation controlled wall thermostat or by connecting it to a modbus protocol network to be controlled from a central system.

5 Sizes according to your needs

Here we have two models:

  • White glass on a white metallic box.
  • Black glass on a grey metallic box.

The units come with legs for floor installation and all the accessories necessary for wall installation. The valve, joints and draining kit is an optional extra.

Technical specifications

Características técnicas Ultra Thin Fan Coil